Lord Sancho by Marianne LaCroix
The Dark Castle Lords
Historical Romance/Vampire/Interracial
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lord Sancho Cordoba is haunted by memories and continues to be tormented by a vampire hundreds of years after first coming in contact with him.  Sancho was a regal prince in love with his beloved Isobel when she was brutally taken from him.  Having no choice but to avenge her death, Sancho agrees to become the one thing he hates most -- a vampire.  Now, years later he is ready to give up his search for revenge.  Until a woman from America reaches unwittingly into his heart and soul and becomes the very reason Sancho decides to continue to live.  Their happiness is short lived because the evil menace that has haunted Lord Sancho for so many years is back and hell bent on causing more pain.  Sancho vows not this time because Christine has become more dearly loved to him than any before. 

All I can say is, “Wow!”  I knew I liked Marianne LaCroix’s writing but I had forgotten how powerful and sensual her characters are.  Sancho is tormented.  Tormented with feeling as if he failed his first wife.  Then, just when he tries to love again, he is tortured further.  I like how Christine came into his life, unsuspecting and truly not expecting anything.  That is what made their love so special to me.  They were true soul mates.

I have to hand it to Ms. LaCroix.  She took Lord Sancho and made it a truly wonderful and engaging novel.   


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