Living in Fast Forward by BA Tortuga
Torquere Press
Gay Contemporary
ISBN: 1-60370-046-3
Reviewed by Cassie



Thirty-something rock/country star Hollis, is in bad shape.  After a long time of partying and no sleep, his manager thinks itís time to whip him back into shape again.  Enter Jeremy, the personal trainer Hollisís manager hires to help him.  At first Hollis complains constantly and fights Jeremy on every little thing, but soon Hollis is looking and feeling better.  Constantly working together in the close quarters of a tour bus brings out their mutual attraction, leading to an affair.  Then a terrible accident separates them.  Will their separation be permanent, or can these two find a way to stay together? 

Living in Fast Forward did a good job of portraying the tedium, frustration, and loneliness of being on the road constantly and living a lie because of fame.  The storyline was interesting, and I enjoyed Hollis and Jeremyís sparring in the beginning, as well as their role reversal after the accident.  Their relationship seemed to progress naturally from pure sex to love.  With all the good things this book had going for it, I should have loved it.  In the end, though, Living in Fast Forward was enjoyable but the story never truly wowed me.  The characters didnít have the depth I was hoping for, and the dialogue got a bit repetitive.  I also had an issue with the occasional drug use, which is so not hot in my mind.  Even so, Living in Fast Forward is an entertaining tale to spend a few hours with. 


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