Little Red Rides the Wolf by Lara Santiago
Siren Publishing
Sci-Fi Fairy Tale/Shape-Shifting
ISBN: 1-933563-03-6-A6
Reviewed by Rosemary



Cheri Amaranth travels across the galaxy to the planet Selenia to meet her ailing grampa for the first time, and take him the much-needed items he had requested.  Grampa said he would send a guide to meet her at the landing. 

Caine Wolver eagerly awaits Cheriís arrival, even though he greets her in wolf form, Cheri is immediately drawn to him.  However, Hunter, Caineís rival spoils their first meeting, taking Cheri on a different path than the one Caine planned.

Little Red Rides the Wolf is an old fairy tale with a funny, sexy new twist.  Lara Santiagoís sexy wolf Caine and sassy Cheri scorch the pages with sizzling love scenes.  I enjoyed this tale and wanted more.


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