Leap of Faith by Kate Willoughby
Heat Sheet Samba
Fantasy/Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59426-603-4
Reviewed by Tanya



Kira has decided to go on an eco-tourism adventure in Peru.  She has decided to learn more about her Incan ancestors, as she is part Inca.  Her guide rudely abandons her just over a rickety bridge, which is straddling a huge gorge.  She is rescued by her host Amaru who is attending her as if she is Princess.  She is drawn to him not only due to his looks but also his demeanor.  As time progresses she is drawn more and more to Amaru.

There may be more than one reason that Amaru seems to know lots about the Incan culture.  He is cursed to an eternity of loneliness but if he finds the one true love in a woman who can accept him things will change.  But, what will happen if he falls in love? 

Leap of Faith is a blend of Incan faith and Contemporary Romance.  The author took time to set the stage for a believable way for the two main characters to meet, and kept the story moving whether in a light hearted or moving part.  She also did a nice job writing the light sex scenes.  I finished Leap of Faith and found myself smiling at the story.  I look forward to seeing other offerings from this author.


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