Lady Be Bad by Candice Hern
The Merry Widows, Book 3
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-451-22191-9
Reviewed by Annmarie



When John Grayston, Viscount Rochdale, is challenged to a wager, he finds it hard to refuse.  The inveterate gambler has never declined a bet, especially when it is a sure thing.  In fact, he stakes his most cherished possession, he is so sure he will win.  All he has to do is seduce the very prim, very proper, bishop’s widow, Grace Marlowe.

When London’s most disreputable rake shows interest in her, Grace Marlowe is horrified.  Grace is ashamed that she is secretly attracted to Rochdale and flattered by his attention.  Rochdale’s pursuit of Grace crumbles her defenses and unleashes her passionate nature.  If the truth behind Rochdale’s seduction becomes known, what promises to be more than an affair could be lost forever.

Lady Be Bad is smart, witty and full of passion.  Candice Hern’s Lady Be Bad is so very elegant and yet is so very ardent.  A story of awakening for both hero and heroine, Lady Be Bad is irresistible.   At book’s end, I was delighted by this gracefully written romance. 


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