Keeper by Carol McKenzie
Forbidden Publications
Erotic Contemporary/Interracial
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Janiya Rice is on her high school reunion committee.  Sitting in the conference room waiting for the meeting to start, she finds herself reminiscing about high school, her failed marriage and Dan Bellisario.  Dan, the object of her affection for more years than she cares to admit, still makes her heart pound and her palms sweat.  Janiya is gun-shy about marriage since her divorce and doesnít want to think of the night she and Dan spent together years ago.  When Dan returns to their hometown, Janiya finds herself lusting after him once more.

Dan Bellisario has always loved Janiya, even when married to his ex wife.  She was his first love in high school and he canít imagine ever not loving her.  Now, if only he can convince her that he isnít like her scumbag ex-husband.  Going for broke, Dan gives Janiya an ultimatum.  Hopefully she will make the choice that Dan is wishing for.

Keeper was a good, quick read full of delicious sensuality and had a great plot to boot.  Relating fully with Janiyaís not wanting to be hurt by love again, I found Danís patience towards her endearing.  Every girl remembers their first love and I think Carol McKenzie incorporated that idea into her storyline very well.  I just liked Keeper very much and canít wait to tell others about this cute book.


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