Just Wait by Rowan McBride
Dark Eden Press
M/M Twincest
Reviewed by Cassie



Twin brothers, Mark and Travis Drayner, both possess the power to “Drain” strength from others by touching them.  Over the years, however, Mark’s power has increased while Travis’ stayed the same.  When Mark begins to use his power more and more, and his abilities increase exponentially, will he leave the weaker Travis behind?

I didn’t know what to expect when I began reading Just Wait.  I hadn’t read a twincest story before, and this book had the addition of magical elements to make it even more unusual.  Of the twins, Travis is by far the weaker, but he is also the one who has more of a conscience and a desire to give mercy.  He goes along with whatever Mark wants to do because he loves his brother.  Mark is the stronger, more outgoing twin.  He doesn’t see anything wrong with doing whatever he wants, just because he can.  Mark kind of went off the deep end with his powers in my opinion, and it made him very difficult to like.  In some ways, Just Wait reminded me of another of Rowan McBride’s books, Warm Rush (only a lot darker).  Over the course of the story, Mark changes a great deal physically due to his magic, rather like one of the characters in Warm Rush.  The love scene between the twins was well done, and the storyline was interesting.  I would have liked this one to be longer, however, because I wanted to learn more about the Drayner family’s history and how the twins used their powers.  I also felt like the ending was too abrupt.  If you like dark stories and twincest, you’ll probably like Just Wait.  If you’re looking for a sunshine-and-roses type of story, though, you should probably look elsewhere.


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