Just Frost by Kiernan Kelly
Torquere Press
Gay Paranormal Romance (M/M)
Reviewed by Sabella



Jack Frost is tired of his life and he is looking to end it all.  He lives in complete isolation, from his family by choice, but the rest of the world because they canít stand the cold.  However, one day Jack comes across Matthew Jenkins, the one man that not only can see him when he is invisible, but is also completely unaffected by the cold.  Could this man change Jackís path to self-destruction?

Just Frost is a great twist to the Jack Frost myth.  Jack and Matt are great characters and their weird quirks just make them more lovable.  Kiernan Kelly does such a great job with Jack and Matt that you find yourself wishing you could spend more time with them.  Just Frost is the perfect story for a lazy afternoon.


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