Josie’s Heartbreaker by Sage Burnett
Rodeo Cowboy Series 3
Siren Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-933563-57-5
Reviewed by Rosemary



Josie Landford wants to do the nasty with a rodeo cowboy to fulfill her fantasy.  After watching Rex West wrestle a steer, she approaches him with an offer he cannot refuse.  Rex is all too willing to accommodate Josie, and soon it becomes a fantasy affair for them both.

Josie’s Heartbreaker is a ride her cowboy sizzler.  Josie refuses to allow herself to fall in love with her fantasy cowboy, and Rex does not want to get emotionally involved with anyone.  Sage Burnett illustrates how the best-laid plans can fail in the face of love.  Josie’s Heartbreaker is an enjoyable read.


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