Jennaís Seduction by Addison Nichols
The Devil's Agenda, Book 1
Silkís Vault
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Tera



When Jenna begins her morning late due to a broken alarm clock, she knows itís going to be not such a good day. After spilling wine on a borrowed book and hurrying out the door, the day seems to live up to its bad start. But a downpour and a chance meeting with Lucy on her way home ends up gaining her a new friend and a new perspective on herself. But is Lucy really a friend? Or just the Devil in disguise?

Adamís been having dreams. Horrible dreams that lead him to talk to his priest, who tells him they are of great importance, maybe even to the world. After his dream unlocks secrets of both his past and his mother, he embarks on a trip that will lead him into the unknown.

Jennaís Seduction is an okay story. When I read the description of it, I was expecting a lot more than what I got. I think if the tale would have been longer and with more detail it would have been really good. The writing wasnít bad at all, I just felt that there were a lot of questions unanswered and many things I was curious about that werenít touched upon.  The ending of the story was abrupt, and left me wondering why Adam was even brought into the story in the first place.


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