Jaguar Moon: Scent of a Mate by Teri Adkins
New Concepts Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-58608-949-8
Reviewed by Jo



Miakoda is a leguar, half jaguar and half leopard. She has spent her life as an outcast who wasnít accepted by either group.  Hybrids were banned by the council and in her case, by the jaguars before she was even born.  It was the councilís way to try and correct what they saw as a major mistake in encouraging the mating of mixed Nahual breeds.  Miakoda is a bit different as her parents were royalty Ė her mom a jaguar princess and her father a leopard prince.  Miakoda has made a life of caring for animals and hybrids.

Devante is a jaguar prince with the blood of Itzamna, the Jaguar Sun.  Because of the death of his sister, in order to claim the throne, he has to mate with someone who has the bloodline of Ixchel, the Jaguar Moon.  After searching, Devante has discovered there is only one person with this blood.  His major problem is that she is a hybrid and the jaguars had been taught that hybrids were tainted and should not be allowed within the group.  However Devante will do anything to claim his throne.

Miakoda agrees to see the council and to help Devante under certain circumstances.  Miakoda does not plan to mate with Devante in such a way that would bind her forever.  She does agree to head the hybrids and take a seat at the council to speak for them.  Devante and Miakoda do get the godsí blessing at their joining, much to the dismay of several jaguars.  This is just the first of the trials that each will have to go through because of the mistrust and prejudice that has been such a major part of their lives.  The Devante and Miakoda will be put to the test when it is discovered that the biggest danger to the Nahual (shape shifters) and to the council is attacking them.  It will take the combined trust of Miakoda, Devante and their people to overcome the threat Ė but can the years of prejudice and mistrust be overcome?

Jaguar Moon: Scent of a Mate tells of how banning and ignoring a part of your society, just because it didnít turn out like you thought it would, can harm the society as a whole.  The Council agreed to allow the mating and breeding of mixed shifters hoping that the new infants would be stronger for the mixture.  When it goes horribly wrong, the hybrids are banned from the Nahual groups for their tainted blood.  Miakoda is a product of this and has known the shame of banishment her entire life.  Devante mistrusts and is prejudiced against the hybrids but now he has to overcome that himself and help his people do the same so that the Jaguar people will continue as they always have.  Getting into the plot took me a bit longer then normal, however once I was there, it was easy to see and feel the struggles that Miakoda and Devante went through as they came to know each other.  Its hard enough to overcome mistrusts and prejudges in yourself, and even harder when you have to deal with helping two societies come to terms with each other. The characters and the plot in this story kept me wanting to see what would happen next.  Jaguar Moon: Scent of a Mate is not a lighthearted read, rather it encourages you to think, and then to cheer, as all the characters discover that people are the important thing and not who your parents are, or if they were from same or different were clans.  Jaguar Moon: Scent of a Mate brings mythology, alternate worlds and shape shifters together in a modern time with an underlying theme that is timeless.    


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