It Must Be Magic by Jennifer Skully
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-373-77197-4
Reviewed by Annmarie



Lili Goodweather can talk to animals and the animals can talk back.  When her neighbor’s daughter, Erika, brings Lili her cat to help, she is in for a shock.  The cat, Fluffy, tells her that he saw a murder.  What else can Lili do but turn to Erika’s father for help? 

Widower Tanner Rutland, finds Lili very attractive despite the fact she thinks she can talk to animals.  Although Tanner finds it hard to believe that Lili does indeed communicate with animals, he finds himself helping her search for a body. 

Soon Tanner must decide if Lili is crazy or she does possess the ability to speak to animals.

It Must Be Magic is simply delightful!  Lili and Tanner are a perfect pairing and their love story is indeed magical.  Jennifer Skully’s fast-moving plot, mystery, suspense and incredibly sexy love story, make It Must Be Magic purely enchanting!


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