Issyís Infatuation by Shelly Munro
Elloraís Cave
ISBN # 9781419907609
Reviewed by Delia



Isabel ďIssyĒ Dean has a secret. Sheís had a crush on her brotherís best friend, Tyler Jameson for years. She thought sheíd gotten over it, but when Tylerís brought in as a replacement coach for her rugby team, it comes back bigger than ever. All Issy wants is to make New Zealandís professional womanís team. Tyler is a distraction she canít afford.

Tyler Jameson canít believe his eyes.  Little Issy has grown up into one tempting package. Heís only here for a month before taking a permanent coaching job and Issy might just make that time a little more pleasurable -- if he can persuade her.

A month of no-strings hot sex with the man of her dreams? Issy canít say no to her most secret fantasy. But what happens when the month is up? Will Issy be able to walk away with her heart intact?

Issyís Infatuationshows you donít have to be a typical girly girl to get your man. Issy is strong and fierce in the way she plays and loves. At first Tyler is a typical man, wanting only the outside package. As these two characters come to know each other outside the bedroom, each reveals their vulnerabilities. It may have been infatuation and sex that brought them together, but love doesnít follow the rules or a plan.


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