Interstellar Lover by Autumn Dawn
New Concepts Publishing
Science Fiction Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Jay may have had a bad day, but that didn’t mean that things had gotten so bad that she was suddenly interested in her nerdy neighbor Fred.  He dressed horribly, wore the evidence of his being an artist, and Jay suspected he had a crush on her.  Jay really wasn’t interested in him, but Fred had come to her rescue when he heard her scream inside her apartment, and Jay decided to be friendlier towards him.  Maybe he’d be interested in one of the ladies in the poetry group that was meeting that night.

Fred had wanted Jay for months and he finally was making some headway.  Granted, she has only gone out with him as “friends” for her to meet someone else, but it was still a step in the right direction.  He was here for an assignment, but was more than willing to accept Jay as a perk.

Autumn Dawn once again weaves a story that is pure entertainment.  This time, in Interstellar Lover, we have Jay, a heroine who starts to suspect that there is something more to her neighbors than meets the eye.  It was fun to watch Jay as she tries to figure out if what she was seeing was just her imagination, or reality.  It is once Jay learns the truth about Fred and his reason for being there that the true adventure begins.  I have yet to be disappointed by Autumn Dawn, and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.


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