Indigo Spell by Rachel Carrington
Hot Magic Series, Book 1
Elloraís Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419909795
Reviewed by Rosemary



Tess Montgomery, a wealthy socialite, wins a date at the bachelorís auction with Jaxon Richards, who manages to break past Tessís barriers in just one night.  She soon discovers he is not just a man, but a wizard.  The moment Jaxon touches Tess he knows he canít live without her, and whisks her across the universe to his sphere. 

Indigo Spell takes you to a land of magic with wizards and witches who want world domination.  Rachel Carrington creates an intricate battle with magic spells as the weapons.  There are an abundance of steamy love scenes to feed your fantasies, and an interesting plot that I enjoyed


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