In This Life or the Next by Kallysten
Alinar Publishing
ISBN: 1-90623-10-7
Reviewed by Klarissa



Feeling immense love for her husband, Alex, Tania is shocked when she begins to experience strange scenes played out in her head.  A painting in a gallery triggers these hallucinations of a man and woman.  Suddenly Tania is living these lives and experiences as if she was the woman.   

Seeking answers to her growing questions, Tania finds Marc, the originator of the paintings, hoping he can explain what she is experiencing.  But visiting Marc at home is not a good idea and draws on more of her emotions.  Hearing his explanations, Tania now has to decide between a love she has now and the love she’s had throughout many lifetimes.

In This Life or the Next had my emotions all over the place.  One minute I want her to be in love with Marc, but Alex was such a great guy, I didn’t want her to leave him.  I love stories that can pull all emotions together to form a fantastic tale.  In This Life or the Next is a wonderful story that brings together past lives into the present to create a new beginning.


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