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Iím Your Santa by Lori Foster, Karen Kelley, Dianne Castell
Brava Books
Contemporary Romance
ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-1983-1
ISBN-10: 0-7582-1983-0
Reviewed by Barb



The Christmas Present by Lori Foster

Beth Monroe is a woman confused about herself and her life.  With the realization that she does not know herself or the people around her as well as she thought, Beth sets out for revenge and gets more than she bargained for.  If she can forgive herself, the future will be a lot brighter.  Courtesy of Levi, her ex-fiancťís best friend, the Christmas cheer will be hotter.

The Christmas Present is a story that has me believing in karma.  Lori Foster kept me flipping from anxiety to laughter.  All the characters are well drawn, but Beth and Levi touched my heart.  Ms. Foster kept my attention and did not release it.  The Christmas Present is a most enjoyable story.


Itís A Wonderful Life by Karen Kelley

Actor Jeremy Hunter wants a more serious acting career and will do whatever he has to do to research the role of a lifetime.  Temptation comes in many forms when you least expect it.  Bailey Tanner takes one look at Jeremy and feels the temptation as well.  Will their love survive his secrets?

Itís a Wonderful Life tells the tale of deliberately mistaken identity and the possibilities developed therein.  As I read, I alternated between wanting to shake Jeremy, hoping that he works it out with Bailey, and wanting to see him get his just rewards.  Karen Kelley fills the story with moments that not only made me laugh but made me wish I could help the characters out before the Ďtrain wreckí moment I knew was coming.


Home for Christmas by Dianne Castell

Lulu Cahill is having the worst Christmas ever with her empty wallet and philandering boyfriend.  Then she meets Sebastian Moore, who has just been jilted and needs someone to fill in for his bride.

Home for Christmas gives a glimpse of the possibility of love at first sight.  Dianne Castell has written a tale of two people who have fallen in lust at first sight, and come to realize it may be more than what they are ready for.  Ms. Castell throws in an overprotective and interfering family in the mix that makes you realize you are not as much in control of your life as you think you are.  Home for Christmas is a tale of hope and self-sacrifice that made me smile and wish I could be in the story to help out with all the details that the family takes care of.


Iím Your Santa are three well-crafted stories of romance set around Christmas time.  All three are well written with a nice mix of laughter, romance and moments of tension.  They make you smile and keep your mind occupied for an afternoon. Iím your Santa is a very entertaining and amusing book.


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