If You Deceive by Kresley Cole
The MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy, Book 3
Pocket Books
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4165-0361-3
Reviewed by Annmarie



Ethan MacCarrick was impossibly handsome and a notorious rake until the night he was beaten and disfigured by the command of an important lord for a crime he didnít commit.  Ethanís revenge is to bankrupt the lord and exile his family.

Ten years later, Ethan sees a beautiful young woman and is instantly attracted to her.   The beautiful, confident, and enigmatic Madeline van Rowen is also the daughter of his sworn enemy.  Ethan jumps at the chance to complete his vengeance against the van Rowenís through Madeline. 

When passion overwhelms Ethanís desire for revenge, he knows he canít live with out her.  But when Madeline learns of Ethanís deception, will it destroy any future they might have had together?

I adored this trilogy!  Every brotherís story was so deliciously romantic.  Ethanís story, however, is my favorite; I have a passion for the scarred and tortured hero.  Ethan made me quiver!  I adored Madeline too; such fire and bravery.  A perfect pairing!

I adore all of Kresley Coleís novels but her historicalís are my favorites.  Donít miss the MacCarrick brothers and especially Ethanís story, If You Deceive!


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