I Put a Spell on You by Bronwyn Green
Torrid Tarot, The Knight of Wands
Ellora’s Cave
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9781419911651
Reviewed by Amelia



Temperance Callahan is working to renovate an old building to use for her new store. Before work began, a tarot reading had brought up the Knight of Wands. Temp had taken it as a good sign and hired the contractor she’d been talking to. Now, he’s skipped town with her money and she needs a contractor to finish the work.


Gray Foster is a contractor. He’s also the brother of Temp’s best friend, Morgan. He’s always had a thing for Temp, but things just haven’t worked out. Now, he’s on hand to help her complete her job and get her store opened. And he’s ready to kick things up a notch with Temp.


Temp thinks Gray is acting under a sex spell that Temp worked for a client and then accidentally spilt on herself. Gray knows better, though, and has to work hard to make Temp realize that he really does want, and care, for her.


I Put a Spell on You is a cute story where two people who’ve always liked each other finally comes to terms with that, and make things happen. I loved both Temp and Gray, and the way they worked together. Both characters are fun and very likable.


The only problem I had with this story was that several sentences had missing words, or sentences with misplaced or missing commas, which made me have to go back and reread, and pulled me out of the story.


Even so, I Put a Spell on You is an enjoyable way to spend a few hours, and I hope to see more from Ms. Green in the future.


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