I Heart You by Aurora Black
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 1-59526-916-5
Reviewed by Tera



Rachel Malone is one of the most popular erotica authors. But though she writes books chock full of love and steamy sex, she has none of those things in her own life. Until a book signing when she meets a sexy photographer who is just as attracted to her as she is to him. But what Rachel doesnít know is that someone else is interested in her as well.

When Lucian Drake fills in for his deadbeat father shooting pictures of a famous erotica authorís booksigning, he doesnít expect to be attracted to her. But when he finds out someone is after her, he does his best to help her through it and find the person before sheís harmed.

I enjoyed I Heart You. Even though it was a little unbelievable, I still enjoyed it. But hey, when itís your fantasy and your story, you can do whatever you want to with it. And I personally like what Ms. Black did with her characters. It was nice to read an erotic romance with a little bit of a dark side to it. Those seem to be far and few between lately and I know I, for one, like to read them. The passion between Lucian and Rachel was tangible, and I loved watching them develop.


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