I Could Just Eat You Up by Beverly Rae
eXtasy Books
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Rayne Talum is making gingerbread cookies for an office party. Deciding that since she has gone such a long time without sex she will make cookies for herself as well. She is going to bake cookies that show each gingerbread man with an enlarged penis. Bottles of wine and laughter flow as Rayne decorates her cookies and tucks her drunken best friend into bed across the hall.  Later that night Rayne is surprised to find just how realistic her cookies have become. Crumbs and all.

I Could Just Eat You Up by Beverly Rae was previously released at another publishing house and republished for eXtasy Books.  I found myself liking the humor of the story and got tickled at the wine drinking the two friends did while making the cookies. While I enjoyed watching the two friends interact, I yearned for a romance at this time.  The romance/sexual aspect of the book is what was lacking and it continued to lack for the rest of the story.  Having only one love scene between the main female and an unknown male, supposedly a gingerbread man come to life, disappointed me and I would have loved to have seen him around after they copulated.  I Could Just Eat You Up has humor but not a lot of romance, which I in turn need to enjoy a book. 


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