Hyde by Sherri L. King
Sterling Files, Book 4
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Paranormal Romance
ISBN 9781419910937
Reviewed by Nannette



Dr. Henri Edouard is a scientist. He has created a drug for the government that will create super soldiers.  Very concerned about the ramifications of the serum on humans and on its effect on the world, Henri decides to test the drug on himself first. The results cause an immense transformation in him.

Dr. Alison Cunningham is a remote viewer, she sees things in her mind that others cannot. Alison has been sent by Sterling to find and bring Henri back. He has become a vigilante preying on those who have committed violent crimes.

The government wants Henri and his serum so Alison and Henri go on the run to get him to Sterling before the government can find them. They must hurry before the serum kills him though.    

Hyde is an engaging and deeply sexual story.  The sex between Henri and Alison explodes off the pages. Itís intense, emotional and rough. There is a purple prose quality in the sexual banter though. Henri is a very appealing character and the plot is strong in Hyde.  I liked the storyline very much.


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