Hot Phoenix Nights by Gabrina Garza
Amber Heat
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60272-041-1
Reviewed by Hunter



When Josie Salazar walks in on her boyfriend of five years screwing a blonde she’s never seen before, she drastically changes her plans for her three-day weekend in Phoenix, AZ. Instead of only attending her scheduled concerts and reviewing them for the Dark Horse, she’s going to make sure she has sex with someone, anyone. When she arrives at the airport to find that her ride isn’t there, she calls him, only to have to call another member of the band for a ride. When she first lays eyes on Crow, she’s speechless as she sees how gorgeous he is. That night, with a handful of strong drinks under her belt, she lets the wild woman she knows she can be out. But will it land Crow in her bed?

Hot Phoenix Nights was a great read. Once I started, I was loathe to put it down. I could really relate with Josie and what she was going through with going back and forth on Crow and her behavior around him. It’s so easy to second-guess yourself and what you’re doing and the author did a great job at showing the reader how Josie felt about the situation. And Crow—yum. He was definitely steamy in the dark, quiet way. His comments to Josie in the car at the stoplight—oh yeah. That was hot! I’d kill to have my man say something like that to me. Those were probably some of the hottest lines I’ve read in a story lately that didn’t come off as unnatural or cheesy. Yes, most definitely a good read.


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