Her Black Little Heart by Selah March
Amber Heat
Historical - Regency
ISBN: 1-59279-562-5
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



After her husbandís questionable death and because of her motherís alleged witchcraft usage, Leda Cavendish carries the burden of being the local village outcast.  To stay away from the village folkís cruel behaviors and dreadful name calling, Leda and her young son never leave their home at the Merrybourne Hall.  So, when her son becomes gravely ill, rumors or no rumors, Leda doesnít have any choice but to summon the villageís new doctor, Adam Brewster, for medical assistance. 

Since relocating to Chop Gate Village in North Yorkshire, England where he thought he could be a better doctor to the lesser fortunate, Dr. Adam Brewster has not had many patients to care for because of his motherís religious heritage.  When a medical summons arrives before him, Adam immediately goes out on the call; although night has fallen and visibility is poor.  Not only does Adam gain a new patient to care for; he also becomes fascinated by the hard, darken, outer shell that Leda has built around her heart.  Will Adam be able to break through Ledaís blackened, resentful heart by proving to her that the grass is greener on the other side?

Her Black Little Heart was a great regency romance.  The plot moved swiftly and it featured two very intriguing characters.  The witty dialog between Adam and Leda was very interesting and entertaining.  Both had suffered greatly from consequences of their respective family memberís actions.  Adam had learned how to take on a more positive outlook about things while Leda had resorted to bitterness towards the village townsmen.  The romantic chemistry between the couple was intense, deliciously sweet and sexy.  Overall, I found Her Black Little Heart to be a delightful read that I am sure fans of the regency genre will adore.


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