Haru of Sachoné House by K.M. Frontain
Loved Him to Death, Book 1
Freya’s Bower
Fantasy (M/M)
ISBN: 1-934069-58-2
Reviewed by Sabella



Haru has been blessed in his life as well as cursed by his god Vaal.  Haru has lead the life of a merchant sailor as men are expected to do in his culture, but when he is unexpectedly granted admittance into a harbor guarded by another deity things get strange.  The inhabitants of the island view Haru’s entrance into their harbor as an omen and choose to include him in the ceremony being conducted to choose the next companion to their earthbound god Intana.  When Haru is chosen for this “honor” that includes burning out his eyes everyone is scandalized, but Haru is appalled – he will not be mutilated for beliefs that are not his own.  However, this “honor” places Haru between his own god Vaal and Intana in their age old struggle for dominance, but will Haru survive them?

Haru of Sachoné House is a wonderful fantasy book.  It has intrigue, love, hate, passion and mysticism in great quantities which will keep you entertained from start to finish.  Haru is wonderful with his charm, sarcasm, cynicism and wisdom mixed in with a good dose of boyish mischief.   Vaal and Intana are by turns mystifying, intimidating, fearsome, jealous of Haru and abusive of their godhood powers.  It is interesting to see how Haru manages these all-powerful beings, weathers their tempers and forges a workable relationship between all of them.  Out of all of them, Intana was the most perplexing character with his emotions swinging between love, hate and something else.  The sexual chemistry between the characters was fiery and I look forward to reading the next book in the series to find out how the struggle between Haru, Vaal and Intana evolves.  Haru of Sachoné House is a great fantasy tale that would make a great addition to all fantasy lovers’ libraries.


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