Guarding Madison by Tabitha Gibson
The Wild Rose Press
Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by Tanya



Lucien “Trace” Trace is a Harley riding bodyguard.  He is good at his job and knows it.  A call from his Uncle has him on his way to guard a dreaded “Hollywoodite”.   After the three security mistakes, by the staff, as he arrives he knows that if it was anyone else who wanted him to do the job he would have quit before he started.  But, a promise is a promise.

Madison is stunned that Jay has hired Trace without her final approval and is ready to throw him out.  But, then a couple of things happen.  First, someone puts a knife through her picture on some pizza boxes.  Second, he somehow has transformed her mother from a bitch to be feared to a real mother.  If the man can work miracles and look that hot doing it she will have to guard her heart from him and lets him stay.  If they fall in love will it distract Trace from the death threat?

Guarding Madison is an absolutely fantastic tale by Tabitha Gibson.  I can only hope that Lex and the characters from the book get their own story.  I was pulled in from the first part of the story, who doesn’t like a bad boy, who is really a good guy?  Trace is the guy that all full figure women dream about.  The author set a suspenseful story with some very intirguing characters.  Guarding Madison is a great summer read.


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