Forgotten Hope by Aubrey Ross
Invasion Earth, Book 1
Changeling Press
ISBN 978-1-59596-654-4
Reviewed by Rosemary



Chevon Rankin has been on the run for two centuries after she is falsely accused of her sisterís murder.  Central Command wanted someone to blame, so Chevon became a political scapegoat to rally people out of their apathy.  Brock Sihngal, Commander of the Phantom Warriors has been fascinated by Chevon for a long time, yet he canít afford to be swayed by her appeal, he is honor bound to prove her guilt.

Forgotten Hope is an intricate weave of plots and counter plots with a variety of steamy love scenes in the mix.  Aubrey Ross has created a cast of creatures none of which are human, living on earth among us.  This is a very interesting story that I enjoyed.


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