Forever Yours by Janmarie Anello
Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-4201-0000-9
Reviewed by Nannette



Sophie Treneham lives in the country with her young daughter caring for an estate that is slowly crumbling. Sophie would rather be there though than in Londonís society ballrooms where she would be ridiculed and judged for her scandalous past.  Stephan, Sophieís brother, desperately wants to see Sophie cared for so he coerces Jagger Remington to marry her but Jagger doesnít want a wife and Sophie does not want a husband.

As their feelings for each other slowly begin to change secrets from their past threaten to destroy their newfound love, and danger and deceit surround them.

Forever Yours is a lovely romantic story. Sophie is proud and very strong. Jagger is compassionate and kind. Sophie pushes Jagger away continually which is understandable and even expected but itís a relief when they finally come together.  Forever Yours is a touching love story laced with excitement suspense and drama. 


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