Fighting Chance by Lacey Savage
Chance Encounters, Book 1
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419909139
Reviewed by Delia



After 300 years, vampire Tristan Chance doesn’t think anything can surprise him. He’s seen and done just about everything in his long life. His nickname is “The Saint”, for he bails out people in need, but at a cost. He’s ruthless and his contracts always contain an undisclosed favor.

Tristan’s never put much faith in the family curse. Supposedly, he will recognize his mate after several coincidental meetings. But once he starts seeing Lara Montgomery everywhere he goes, he begins to wonder.

Lara Montgomery just wants to be free of her father’s influence. She knows he sees her as just a pawn to be used in his business dealings. When her father makes a deal with the mysterious Tristan Chance, she knows there’s more than just business at stake.  She’s never felt such an instant attraction to anyone and she’s running scared.

When Tristan finally learns the truth of the family curse, he has to find and protect Lara. For if they can’t find a way to break the curse, his mate will be lost to him forever in three days.

The clock’s ticking and time is running out.  Will Tristan find his mate just to lose her? Can Lara accept the truth of his nature and trust him to keep her safe? 

Fighting Chance grabbed me from the first sentence and didn’t let go until the end. Tristan and Lara are both strong and independent people and trust doesn’t come easy to either of them. Getting them to admit their need for each other isn’t an easy task, but Tristan can be very persuasive and has 300 years of experience to back him up! Passions run hot and danger abounds between these two. All in all this is a story of love, acceptance and redemption. I hope that books about Tristan’s brothers will soon be released! From start to finish this story draws you in and keeps you guessing.


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