Faerie Dust by Yolanda Sfetsos
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-095-7
Reviewed by Tanya



Shay is a Fae-Hunter who travels between Sidney and her realm of Breena.   She is hunting for humans who donít know they are Fae and it is her job to help them release their powers and bring them back to Breena.  Her latest assignment is Glen Row but this one seems to be different.  She is drawn to Glen like she has never been drawn to a male before.  This puts her in jeopardy as it is criminal to fall in love with a hunted, if she does she will loose her wings and her way of life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this step in faerie by Yolanda Sfetsos.  Faerie Dust has very well developed characters with plausible situations, something many faerie/human authors have issues with.  Faerie Dust was just what I needed to escape on an early hot summer day.  I look forward to the next offering by Yolanda Sfetsos.


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