Eternal Obsession by Ann Lory
Eternal Book 2
Loose Id
Vampire Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-382-7
Reviewed by Rosemary



Prima ballerina Kelly Matthews is in love with Vampire Jacques Devereaux.  Jacques desperately loves Kelly, but refuses to bite her until a threat comes in the form of vampire Mussek.  Obsessed with the woman who is the image of his long-lost love, Mussek is determine to have Kelly, and Jacques is just as determined to keep her.

Eternal Obsession is a vampire’s power struggle to possess Kelly, who only wants Jacques’ bite, and his sexy body.  In this story, Ann Lory illustrates the vampires and the lady sings the blues.  Once bitten, is not always twice shy, when love is in the bite, it becomes Eternal Obsession.


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