East Side Story by Cat Marsters
Sundown Investigations, Book 1
Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-59596-546-2
Reviewed by Klarissa



Sensing a dangerous being and possibly a fae from the Seelie Court, Ruarc investigates a club where he feels these beings are.  What this Unseelie fae discovers is that these beings want him dead.  He finds himself fighting for his life only to end up with a female vampire in his care, but only until she is well enough to leave.

Once Ruarc gets his injured vamp home, Maria needs blood and Ruarc is the only food source around.  As her hunger escalates, so does her desire.  But vampires and fae are not supposed to mingle and in no way be intimate.  Maria and Ruarc fight their feelings, but some things you just have no control over.

The Sundown Investigation Series has a wonderful kick off with East Side Story.  I loved the passion that explodes from these characters.  You can almost feel the magnetism between Maria and Ruarc.  Vampires and Faery, what a magnificent combination.  East Side Story is a must read for any paranormal lover.


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