Duty and the Beast by Cat Marsters
Sundown International, Book 2
Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-59596-587-5
Reviewed by Klarissa



Asked to help translate some ancient writing, unfortunately, Finn was a little too distracted when given the full details of the assignment from Detective Sofie Angeletti.  With pheromones that get out of hand occasionally, Finn was busy with a female student when the information from the detective came through the phone line.  Only when Finn arrived to meet Sofie did Finn discover that the writing was a spell created by the Elf King, a mythical being once thought unreal.

Fighting back her urges to change, Sofie has a secret she canít even believe.  She thinks if she tells herself supernatural beings donít exist, they wonít.  Now with Finn claiming heís an elf, she has to face her own heritage, and her life and all the lives of the vampire, might just depend on her acceptance.

Duty and the Beast is a story youíll want to finish in one setting.  Finn has a fabulous personality and Sofieís unwillingness to accept what she is, is priceless.  These two characters are very unique.  I loved the plot, the magic, and well, everything about Duty and the Beast!


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