Doubly Dying by Michele Bardsley
Diary of a Demon Hunter, Book 4
Changeling Press
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-59596-326-0
Reviewed by Klarissa



Maggie, a Demon Hunter, is bound and determined to kill Abatu.  This demon has been responsible for many deaths in her life, including some very close to Maggie.  Maggie wants vengeance before the Demon takes over the world, plus she can’t find the happiness she seeks until he is gone.

Falling in love with Rapheal has made Maggie extremely happy, yet when she knows she shouldn’t accept his marriage proposal, she finds herself saying yes.  Maggie must first kill Abatu without risking anymore of the people she loves.  So, after making sure everyone is safely tucked inside the house, with help from a little magic, Maggie sets off to find Abatu and kill him once and for all.  But Rapheal and her friends will not be left behind so easily.

Doubly Dying is a quick read that will drop you right in the thick of excitement.  Maggie and Rafe have overcome many obstacles, yet they must face another one before they can be happy.  Specifically, they must destroy Abatu.  I was excited and thrilled when reading Doubly Dying.  Demons, half-demons and Demon Hunters make up a wonderful world that will come alive for you.  I will eagerly seek out the rest of the stories in this series.


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