Dolce and Diana by Cassidy Kent
ISBN 1-59426-524-0
Reviewed by Cassie



Diana Radford wants publicity for her Grenada Resort, Dulce, so she agrees to participate in a cooking show called Fighting Chance.  From the moment she meets her competitor, Chance Kohler, she finds him insufferably arrogant.  Still, sparks fly between these two talented chefs.  Will Diana win the cooking show, or will she win much more?

Dolce & Diana is a cute tale of two determined people who fight their way to love.  Diana has been burned by love in the past, so she’s determined to resist Chance’s charm.  Unfortunately for her, he proves to be very persuasive.  Arrogant Chance got on my nerves at first, but once he started to fall for Diana he became a lot easier to like.  The reality show angle added a bit of conflict, and it was interesting reading about all the fancy dishes they cook during the competition.  The ending of the story was predictable but pleasant.  If you like cooking, reality shows, and seeing arrogant heroes taken down a peg or two by love, check out Dolce & Diana.


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