Destiny by Rachel Carrington
Reviewed by Sharon



Abby Baker has come overseas to write an article about Castle Lehr.  But her excitement about the assignment is dampened once she meets the owner of the castle, the Duke of Lehr.  Nathaniel, with his shoulder-length black hair and a face carved with a sculptor’s perfection, has declared Abby to be his destiny. Say what?!

Nathaniel was cursed by a witch and has determined that Abby is the one woman who can lift the curse and allow him to live a normal life. However, if Abby is unable to love him within the next couple of days, the curse becomes permanent and Nathaniel will never know love again. 

Destiny moved a bit too fast for me, but considering the length of the story, it wasn’t surprising.  Nathaniel is a man desperate to lift the curse and resorts to methods I didn’t like, even though it was a little understandable since it was under the auspices of the curse.  But Abby holds her own and at the end, I had to give it to her – bravo Abby!


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