Decadent by Shayla Black
Berkley Heat
Contemporary Ménage (M/F/M)
ISBN: 0-425-21721-3
Reviewed by Sabella



Kimber Edgington is looking for help, and the only man she can think of is Deke, a man that has treated her as an annoyance in the past.  Still, Kimber is determined to at least ask Deke to help her learn the ways of ménage loving, since she knows he is very experienced and he can teach her everything she needs to know.  Now, she just needs to convince Deke and his cousin Luc to “train” her so that she can go to the man she loves fully prepared to join him in his way of life.  Besides, Deke has always flipped Kimber’s switch and who better to teach her?

Deke and Luc have always shared women between them.  For Deke it’s a way of life and he sees no reason to change – especially when he believes that coming together with a woman on his own will only lead to disaster.  Luc, on the other hand, is in this just for the passion, but he hopes to one day find a woman that can form a true triad with him and Deke.  If Kimber is the one, will Deke allow himself to fully love her?

Pull out your asbestos gloves; you will need them to pick up this book!  Decadent is so hot that it might cause you to self-combust if you aren’t careful.  Deke, Luc and Kimber all have secrets and hang-ups that keep pushing them apart, and they all have to be willing to let them go if what they have together is going to work.  Deke is a man that is tormented by his past, but with Kimber’s help and Luc’s pushing he finally comes to terms with it and gets the happy ending he deserves.  Kimber starts out as a young immature girl that we see grow into a strong and determined woman, while Luc is the stabilizing force between the three providing the push Kimber and Deke need to come together.  At times, I felt like smacking them up-side the head to make them see sense, but in the end they came through and left me feeling more than satisfied.  All three have unexpected depths that surprise you, as they drag us into their story.  Decadent is a book for all those who love a bone-meltingly hot ménage with a strong emotional background in the story.  Get Decadent for yourself, but be warned that it will set you on fire!


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