Death and the Maiden by Raquel Taylor
Silkís Vault
Erotic Fantasy/Paranormal
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lawyer Kairi OíHara is working on the case of a lifetime when she is attacked and killed by a Hellspawn.  At the time of her death, the partners in her law firm wanted her to somehow defend a murderer of children.  Since she wasnít supposed to die when she did, she is rejuvenated in her body and carried off by Lord Death to his castle where he wants to find out who or what killed her in such a horrific manner.  Making a deal with Lord Death, Kairi needs just one more day and then he can have her.  Literally have her soul, because in a matter of hours she has fallen in love with and canít stop thinking about him.

Thanatos, or Lord Death has come to claim attorney Kairi OíHara and he is not giving her up even though it wasnít her time to go.  Making a deal with her so that she can finish on Earth what she needs to do, he doesnít count on having feelings for the soon to be dead barrister. 

There is just something about a collector of souls that creeps me out. Then, to have that collector of souls have sex with one of the people he is supposed to be collecting and my ick factor was on overdrive.  However, I made myself settle down and actual ended up kind of enjoying Death and the Maiden.  Thanatos ended up being a very sensual and loving much to my chagrin.  Although I was uneasy with the whole death and soul collecting aspect of this book, I have to admit that I enjoyed the premise and the final outcome. 


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