Dark Rider by Kathryn Dennis
Zebra Books
ISBN: 1-4201-0047-5
Reviewed by Barb



Her ability to both interpret horses’ needs and heal them has caused Lady Elswythe to be labeled a ‘horsewitch’.  When Prince Edward requests that she tend the horses of her family’s enemy, Sir Robert Breton, prior to his and her father’s departure on Crusade, she does as requested.  Sir Robert is not what she expected and her attraction to him is quite powerful.  An attraction she will fight as he is her family’s enemy and she is betrothed to another.

To rebuild his wealth, and to gain power, Sir Robert Breton is joining the King’s Crusade.  Having his horses fall ill the night prior was not in the plans.  He will do whatever he needs to help his steeds¾even trust his enemy’s daughter.  But once he sees her, she will not leave his mind and his dreams.

A mutual, conniving and vicious, enemy will have them join forces while they are running for their lives.  The longer they are together, the more they respect and begin to truly trust each other.

From the first page Dark Rider keeps the action flowing.  Kathryn Dennis has researched and penned a novel that is compelling in its richness.  The characters are drawn to a depth that makes the reader love or hate each one.  Lady Elswythe is strong yet sensitive and Sir Robert knows what he wants, and is willing to do what needs to be done to get it.  I found myself wishing I could help them both attain what they desired.   Being drawn into such a well-wrought novel was a joy.


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