Commanding the Tides by Michelle M. Pillow
Lords of the Abyss, Book 2
New Concepts Publishing
Erotic Paranormal/Shape shifter
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Iason the Hunter is a Merr who travels throughout the ocean hunting the spirits of the water, dangerous creatures called Scylla.  At times he helps the victims of shipwrecks make it to the surface.  Those that he can’t help, he tries to get to his world, Ataran.  It is one such time when Iason sees a beautiful redhead in the water drowning. Putting his mouth to hers, he carries her away to the abyss with the hopes that she will come through the journey alive.  Plus, if she lives, then Iason becomes responsible for her and that is something he craves, without even knowing her name.

Cassandra Nevin laughs at the paradox that is her life.  A victim of bone cancer, she has fought for months to stay alive only to become a casualty of a shipwreck.  Resigned to her fate, Cassie allows herself to slowly go calm.  She feels arms go around her and is suddenly being kissed like she has never been kissed before.  It is with a final sigh to life’s ultimate irony that Cassie allows herself to fall into the darkness thinking she is already dead.

Iason and Cassandra’s relationship starts out sensuous and doesn’t let up. Iason takes his responsibility to Cassandra seriously. Convincing her of their Ataran world is tougher than Iason thought it would be because after trying to reassure her of his sincerity, Cassie runs away.  She runs away and is captured by a group of rogue women intent on keeping her from her mate.

I must have more of this series, plain and simple.  Iason is loyal and sexy. He finds his love for Cassie almost overwhelming.  Cassie’s love for Iason is almost instantaneous but her illness scares her and keeps her from committing herself fully as his wife.  It takes her kidnapping for her to finally come around and I almost lost faith in her ability to love Iason as he deserved. 

Unable to put Commanding the Tides down, I anxiously await word as to a third installment.  Michelle M. Pillow continues to be one of my favorite authors and I look forward to new releases. 


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