Cherry Tune-Up by Adriana Kraft
Silk’s Vault
Erotic Contemporary/Ménage/MFF
ISBN: 1-934055-84-0
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Virginal Bobbi Jo Martin is engaged and is to be married to a banker who is some years older than her.  Finding out from her fiancé that he isn’t all that keen on breaking in virgins, Bobbi Jo turns to the one man who doesn’t mind virgins; her first crush, Jack Day.

Jack is surprised to see Bobbi Jo after so many years and even more surprised to find out what she wants from him.  Figuring better him than someone else, Jack plans a deflowering and sexual orientation like a pro.  What happens when the time is up and Bobbi Jo leaves to get married?

Cherry Tune-up by Adriana Kraft starts out with a punch and doesn’t let up the entire book.  Erotic and steamy from the first scene, I found myself blushing often and drinking ice water nearly every chapter.  What surprised me was the F/F romantic angle, which I was totally not expecting and actually didn’t really like.  Not a big fan of F/F, I tried to not think about those parts of the book but was unable to.  However, that aside, the story was good and the emotions were powerful. I loved the character of Jack. He wanted to be the big bad man in control and with the flick of one finger Bobbi Jo had him wrapped around hers.  Cherry Tune-up wasn’t the worst book I have read but because of the romantic angle of F/F, I didn’t enjoy it as much had it been another man.  That threw my whole perception of this book off and I was unable to enjoy it as much as I could have.


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