Cheatin’ Hearts by Stacy Dawn
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Someone had placed a Stetson on Cara North’s head as she walked towards her sister and brother-in-law.  Ever the romantic, and much to her husband’s chagrin, Michelle started scoping the possible hat-owners in the crowded bar.  Then Cara finds one hatless man to whom she’ll have to return the hat, just maybe, he won’t turn out to be another cheatin’ heartbreaker.

Stacy Dawn consistently writes stories with characters who, in the span of a few pages, are memorable.  Cheatin’ Hearts is no exception.  I adored Cara’s brother-in-law, and would love to read how Michelle met him.  I enjoyed Cara meeting her hatless stranger and their witty retorts.  My only problem is that by the end of this story, Cara and Ben had only known each other for possibly 15 minutes, and I don’t think that is fulfilling enough for a romance story.


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