Caught by Marteeka Karland
All Wrapped Up Vol. 3
Changeling Press
Futuristic, Sci-Fi, BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-59596-696-4
Reviewed by Tanya



Zuri Starbreeze has a reputation to uphold.  She always brings her bounty in alive.  She has never given much thought to them after she turns them over but she feels justice has been served.  Now she is on the trail of her biggest bounty ever.  Too bad he is the hottest guy she has seen in one long, long time.  Add to that the danger of catching Cade.  Eight bounty hunters have already tried, and failed.

Cade is ready to turn the tables on little Zuri.  She is a strong woman and will fit right into his plans if she will only give him enough time to present them.  He wants her to join his team of modern day ‘Robin Hood’ bandits.  He also wants her in his bed, on the floor, against the wall and eveywhere in between.  He knows he's man enough for her,  but will she see how much he cares for her?

Zuri will have to make a life changing decision no matter what she chooses.

Caught is a fast paced ‘hot’ addition to the All Wrapped Up series.  Marteeka does a wonderful job of setting the right mix to the BDSM and emotions of her subjects.   Add to that the hot sexy scenes in Caught and you have a winner.  An enjoyable story to sneak into your summer reading pile.


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