Carterís Cuffs by Lacey Alexander
City Heat, book 2
Elloraís Cave
Light Bondage / Contemporary
ISBN: 9781419910142
Reviewed by Amelia



Las Vegas cop Erin Sparks likes to be in control of things. Sheís very, very attracted to her neighbor, Carter Brooks, but she doesnít allow herself to become emotionally attached. She thinks emotional attachments take the edge off a person, and could put them in harmís way.

So, she decides to give Carter a birthday present, which includes her handcuffs, and a friend of hers. Nothing but no-holds barred sex.

Carter is thrilled when heís ďarrested.Ē At first. Heís had the hots for Erin for a while. Then, he realizes that all she wants to sex, and he canít go for that. When he decides to take matters into his own hands will the control-freak cop allow the tables to be turned?

Carterís Cuffs is hot, hot, hot. Carter first appeared in Sin City, Hot in the City Two, and although I havenít read that book, it didnít take away from my enjoyment of this one. Carter and Erin are explosive together, and I felt great empathy for him when he realized his ďpresentĒ was just a physical thing. But I also felt empathy for Erin, and the reasons behind keeping herself blocked emotionally.

The intensity in this book is high and Ms. Alexander takes readers on a roller-coaster ride of emotions and sex. Carterís Cuffs is a great addition to the City Heat series and I canít wait to see what comes next.

I always want to read books with warnings, and this one has one: This book features a brief scene of f/f/m interaction.


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