Caged with the Tiger by Kate Hill
New Concepts Publishing
Erotic Paranormal/Shapeshifter/Vampire
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Saloni, a member of the sisterhood of Wakened Veils, has just been put on trial because she wanted revenge on the man who left her pregnant without a backwards glance.  Found guilty, her punishment is to be locked into a cell with the man responsible for her hate, Rahul, a were tiger.

Rahul is furious! He has a fiancťe and is supposed to be married! He canít possibly be sentence to be locked up for a month with the woman he used to love. 

Two hundred years ago their secret affair resulted in a forbidden pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage.  Not only that but the midwife made Saloni into a vampire.  It was the knowledge of Rahulís upcoming nuptials that turned Saloniís love into rage.  This is all a front because during her trial Saloni was given the choice to watch Rahulís execution of tell the entire truth of those rough days in which she blamed him for something that occurred of which he had no knowledge. 

Intrigued about the plot of a were tiger and vampire, I enjoyed Caged with a the Tiger.  Both characters were victims of bad luck and I love that they were locked together with no hope of escape because it made them talk with each other so that their differences might be settled.

Kate Hillís shape shifters are unlike any I have ever read.  She isnít afraid to make them earthy and somewhat hard.  She focused on misconstrued feelings tangled emotions with Caged with the Tiger.  This story just worked for me and I am looking forward to reading more novels penned by this author. 


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