Bride Enchanted by Edith Layton
Avon Books
Historical Romance
ISBN: 0061253626
Reviewed by Barb



When the most mysterious, eligible bachelor in London starts paying attention to her, Eve Faraday takes a logical look at the situation.  She decides to find out what he really wants. It can’t be her can it?  His kisses make her think that maybe, just maybe he does.

After a lifetime of secrets, Aubrey has found Eve; someone he never thought he would find. Is it love?  Love is not something he thought he would ever find.  Does he even know what it is?  Only time will tell.  He does know she is the most unique woman he has met in a long time.

Are they together forever?  Can they survive the complete truth, or will Aubrey’s secrets lose him the most exceptional woman he has ever met?

Bride Enchanted is a delightful tale set in historical England.  Edith is a charming woman who is confident in herself, but is still vulnerable to self-doubt.  Aubrey is a dark, angst filled hero.  Neither is sure about what the future brings, and their relationship is strengthened by the situations they find themselves in.  Edith Layton writes with an entertaining style that kept me engrossed in the Bride Enchanted.


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