Birthday Surprise by Nia K Foxx
Men of the Void Series
Changeling Press
ISBN (13): 978-1-59596-564-6
Reviewed by Rosemary



Giric MacDumnall, a highland warrior has been stuck in the void, a place somewhere between heaven and hell, for centuries.  His only hope is to wait for someone to need him.  Divinity decides that someone is Sierra. 

Four friends thrown together by fate in their childhoods, still get together for special occasions, like Sierra’s 30th birthday.  Showing her friends the new book she purchased earlier that day, Sierra reads a poem from the book little does she know it was a spell, conjuring Giric.

Birthday Surprise is a funny, heartwarming, sensual story.  Nia K Foxx’s creative characters are very amusing.  The well-meaning friends just wanted Sierra to have a good time on her birthday.  Sexy Giric desired to prove he was worthy to love.  Sierra discovered benefits she didn’t know she was missing.  I really enjoyed Giric’s sensual endeavors to prove himself worthy to Sierra.  Birthday Surprise is a great read; I look forward to more from Nia K Foxx.


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