Beware A Scotís Revenge by Sabrina Jeffries
The School for Heiresses Series
Pocket Books
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4165-1610-1
Reviewed by Annmarie



Lady Venetia Campbellís trip to her childhood home becomes much more than a trip down memory lane -she is kidnapped by Sir Lachlan Ross.  Sir Lachlan is known throughout the countryside as The Scottish Scourge and is also Lady Venetiaís fatherís sworn enemy. 

Venetia remembers her former neighbor, Lachlan, as a handsome young man and the center of her romantic fantasies.  Older and even more handsome, Lachlan is even more enticing.  Dangerously so.

Although Lachlan wants to use Venetia to exact his revenge upon her father, his desire for Venetia grows.  With vengeance within his grasp, Lachlan must chose between retribution and love.

I just adore this series.  I am crazy mad for Lachlan.  He is just melts my butter.  Lachlan can kidnap me any day of the week and Iíd happily surrender.   Venetia is very lucky indeed!

Sabrina Jeffries books are auto-buys for me and I just snatched up Beware A Scotís Revenge.  As with every School for Heiress novel, I closely follow the correspondence between Mrs. Harris and Cousin Michael.  I am intrigued by the mysterious Cousin Michael and I canít wait for more! 


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