Bet Me by Debra Webb, Catherine Mann, Joanne Rock
ISBN-10: 0-373-83715-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-83715-1
Reviewed by Barb



The Ace by Debra Webb

Sergeant Clarissa Rivers has gone undercover as a maid at the Free Throw Casino to discover what illegal activities are in the works for three VIP’s who have tripped LVMPD’s radar. She is willing to do whatever it takes, legally of course, to get her case finished. Playing wife to sports hero, Luke Jennings, just fits.

The Ace is an interesting tale that showcases a policewoman’s willingness to do any reasonable thing to achieve her goal of catching the bad guys. A tale of two people who find each other in the most interesting of unsuspecting moments. Debra Webb writes with an intensity that pulls the reader in.


The Joker by Catherine Mann

Detective Kim Wong is of royal blood, a princess of Cantou. She will wear the crown and fifty-plus-pound royal garb as she goes undercover at the Great Wall Casino. Her goal is to find out who is giving jewels to a radical revolutionary group in her home country. Having her ex-boyfriend Captain Marcus ‘Joker’ Cardenas as her personal bodyguard is just icing on the cake.

The Joker moves quickly and maintains the action from beginning to end. The heat between Marcus and Kim is intense. Catherine Mann writes with a skill that captivates the reader.


The Wildcard by Joanne Rock

Sergeant Dorian Byrne has the weekend to crack a sex crimes ring being run out of the Pompeii Hotel and Casino. Working with FBI Agent Simon Ramsey makes it more explosive.

The Wildcard is an action-packed, heated look at sex crimes and their victims. Of the three tales this is the most impassioned. Joanne Rock writes an exceptional tale that keeps the reader gripped in the emotions of her characters.


Bet Me is three tales that depict a bet between coworkers, the stakes being a well-deserved but rare weekend off.  All three tales are written with an intensity and quirkiness that make the anthology a true joy to read. The winner of the bet is not revealed till the epilogue. The ending is perfect. Bet Me can be read in one sitting, or, if you know you will be pulled away, each tale can be read separately.  A wonderful book.


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