Beltaine Bargain by Cindy Spencer Pape
The Wild Rose Press
Historical Romance
Reviewed by Tanya



Rhodri of Llyan is returning home from the Crusades.  He and his newly knighted, former page Hwe, are making the long trek home to Wales.  They are set upon by thieves and while defending them Hwe is badly wounded.  When Rhodri realizes how badly hurt Hwe is they seek the local healer.

Selene’s the daughter of a famous bard and the local healer.  She lives alone in a cottage and while she has wished for marriage and children she is holding fast to her morals that she won’t marry unless it is for love.

Selene is drawn to Rhodri and falls in love with him.  But, he refuses to act on his attraction due to his shape shifting curse.

Beltaine Bargain is a fun story that shows love can conquer all.  I enjoyed the magical aspect of this story as well as the characters.  The author takes the time to weave into the story the history of the characters as well as their personality and beliefs.


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